Consulting & Design

Farm Urbana offers consulting services including design, installation, training, and maintenance. We design productive farming environments and apply our unique creative design elements of personalization. We can also work with an artist of client’s choice, to enhance the scope of creating a dazzling environment with growing plants. With our site analysis and your food growing preferences, you will be surprised by what we can create to bring your urban space to life.

With Farm Urbana, your new edible garden will provide fresh ultra-local produce. It will also create a colorful and engaging botanical setting while returning the investment through the gifts of health and community.

Process Summary: 
Typically, Farm Urbana provides 3 months of coaching, from set-up installation, seeding, growing seedlings, harvest, and maintenance services, teaching all phases of a growing cycle:

  • Site visit / analysis / check existing resources
  •  Measurements and photographs
  • Discuss vision / explore personalization
  • Determine design and seasonal plant selection
  • Create maintenance schedule for seeding, growing and harvesting
  • Art Installation where applicable
  • Hands-on education and coaching

Farm Urbana 2014 - Ruth Meghiddo

Installation & Maintenance

Farm Urbana can provide installation and maintenance services upon request, from initial setup to providing and planting seedlings as the season changes.


Farm Urbana provides an active training to teach  residents how to cultivate nutritious produce.Our seed-to-table program gives growers comprehensive hands-on training to get started with growing delicious food efficiently and affordably.




Ruth -Downtown - December_2608Our 3 -stage course:

  1. Tower 101 – assembly, ph testing, seeding
  2. Tower 102 – care, maintenance, seasonal
  3. Tower 103 – harvesting, expanding, accessories