Farm Urbana

Farm Urbana

“Transforming LA’s urban landscape into sustainable and beautiful neighborhoods, one rooftop at a time is a labor of love.” – Ruth Meghiddo, Founder

Farm Urbana creates a vision for cities to be prosperous and sustainable. Our clients are forward-thinking developers and owners, who value innovation and anticipate the rewards for advancing a healthy lifestyle amenity for their residents. We help them offer a desirable eco-friendly amenity with an aesthetic and efficient edible garden.

Imagine city rooftops becoming an eco-friendly resource of bountiful vegetable gardens that consume 90% less water, little labor, a fraction of space and weight of conventional gardens. Imagine the joy and gratitude to cultivate, harvest and share the fresh nutritious produce locally with your community.

Ruth’s passion for urban farming began decades earlier, as a student at UCLA. There, she published a pioneering thesis in sustainability, “Agriculture in Urban Environments: City and Farm Romance.”
Her background in architecture and urban design inspired her to create edible garden solutions. She founded Farm Urbana to help urban residents experience cultivate nutritious, chemical-free, fresh food.

Farm Urbana offers consultation, design, installation, coaching, and maintenance that serve clients in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Here is a brief story of my vision, making the case that urban farming is a growing movement that will tackle the problems the world is facing today.