Urban Rooftop Farming Meets Exquisite Design

Farm Urbana is an urban farming boutique enterprise that offers so much more than just rooftop gardening.

Sure, we’re experts at growing high-quality produce on top of residential buildings of any size. But what makes Farm Urbana unique is how we blend farming with design principles.

Our custom rooftop gardens yield a bounty of delicious fresh produce, and a feast for the eyes, too. We install lush, vertical gardens in artful combinations that delight tenants. The result: a unique lifestyle amenity ideal for buildings of any size.

Farm Urbana: A True “Growth” Opportunity.

We’re able to grow and cultivate nutritious produce on rooftops by using lightweight, vertical, hydroponic systems. This eco-friendly approach cuts the use of land, labor, energy, and 90% of water used in traditional gardening.

Moreover, it allows you to enjoy some pretty amazing environments with minimal upkeep, adding value and appeal to your property.

Farm Urbana is a complete solution. We offer consultation, design, installation, coaching and maintenance. We strive to make every client experience exceptional.

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Rooftop Urban Farming in LA from Rick Meghiddo on Vimeo.


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